Which sporting event rated highest among Canadians in government poll?

A few years out from the 2015 Pan Am Games in Toronto, the organizers (and the federal government, presumably, since that’s where this comes from) a poll to gauge Canadians’ attitudes toward that event and others, including the Stanley Cup playoffs and the Olympics. Here are the particulars of the poll, obtained under the Access to Information Act.

NFL minimum salary

Being an NFL player is a pretty nice gig if you can get it, even if you’re just a third-string scrub.

A look at the NHL by-law that just cost Bob Hartley $25,000

When Bob Hartley finally hauls out his chequebook and scribbles down $25,000 (he has 10 days to pay his fine before even more discipline kicks in), it’ll probably sting a little. Even for NHL coaches making handsome salaries, that’s gotta suck.

USA Hockey executive salaries

How much do the men and women running USA Hockey make? Here are the reported salaries from the organization’s most recent tax filing (in 2012, for the year 2011). MORE FROM SPORTSDOCUMENTS.COM How much extra money do players make for winning (or losing) the World Series? NHL Draft Lottery odds NHL offer sheet compensation NFL … Read more…

NHL concussion lawsuit

Here is the full concussion complaint filed in U.S. court this week by former players against the National Hockey League. None of the allegations have been proven in court. The NHL hasn’t filed a statement of defence yet.                                   … Read more…

NHL Constitution

Sometimes you’ll see references to the NHL Constitution in hockey coverage, mostly when commissioner Gary Bettman is meting out NHL justice.

Fitness equipment mandated by the NHL

It would be tempting for National Hockey League teams to make life as miserable as possible for visiting opponents by offering shoddy locker room conditions and fitness facilities that offer little more than a couple Shake Weights and an Abdoer.

NHL Draft Lottery odds

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