Not really a news flash: Coyotes continue to lose a lot of money

It looked, for a brief shining moment, like the Phoenix Coyotes’ sad saga in the desert was nearing an end last week. Darin Pastor of Capstone Affluent Strategies submitted a bid to the NHL to purchase the Coyotes for $277.5 million and pledged the keep the team in Glendale.

There was a big hitch to that plan, however: The money would be paid over 15 years (as opposed to the $150 million over three years the NHL is asking), so that, as Pastor told the Glendale Star, “we can make a prudent situation that allows a positive cash flow and lets us sign free agents. If you spend all this money on a team, but then have no money to run it, what would be the point?”

And yer probably still gonna need a looooot of money to run the team. Here’s a statement of facts from court documents filed in the NHL’s legal wrangling with former Coyotes owner Jerry Moyes. The part about the league continuing to take “significant financial losses” comes right before the redactions. And on those redactions — you just know media organizations would be in court trying to get that information unsealed if this was a Canadian team instead of a lame duck franchise in the desert. Anyways, all yours:











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