Highlights from the NFLPA’s evisceration of league over deflate-gate


Yesterday I posted the NFLPA and Tom Brady’s “petition to vacate arbitration award” against the NFL, which is a legal-ish way of saying they want commissioner Roger Goodell to lift the four-game suspension he levied against the New England Patriots quarterback over deflate-gate. If you don’t know what deflate-gate is, you were probably looking for … Read more…

Now patented: Cardboard football helmet, mascot accessories, Costanza’s desk


Here, once again, is a look at some of the sports-related patents granted by the U.S. patent office over the past couple of weeks. Bonus points if you can assemble it before your young child starts whining at you! Still in the headwear department, here’s a cap brim support device for mascots, which will probably … Read more…

Document drop: 3,000 pages of 1972 Summit Series files

Last week, I wrote up a post on a 1972 pamphlet that Air Canada prepared for Canadian hockey fans heading to the USSR to watch the Summit Series. It was buried in more than 3,000 pages of government documents, news clippings, team and player itineraries and other files obtained from the Canadian government under the Access to … Read more…

Pamphlet for Canadian hockey fans travelling to USSR for 1972 Summit Series

Summit Series

It’s 1972 and you, Joe Canadian hoser, wants to travel to the USSR to watch the Summit Series. Lucky for you, Air Canada has created a brochure to make sure you didn’t so something really stupid overseas, like take pictures of military installations from the plane or throw stuff on the ice because you’re mad … Read more…

Important Canadian diplomatic cable: “Hockey & Broomball”


A lot of us kind of shook our heads when the National Hockey League started plopping teams down in the U.S. Sunbelt over the past couple of decades, but you have to believe it did more work studying those markets than it did the first time around. This diplomatic cable, obtained under the Access to Information … Read more…

Who owns your NHL team?

The NHL has filed a corporate disclosure statements as part of its lawsuit against the NHLPA, which shows what the companies that own your favourite teams are called.

Trade mark Tuesday: Who are the Las Vegas Nevadans?

The latest batch of U.S. trademarks were advertised for opposition today. Often when you see sports teams pop up here, it’s for logos that are already in use. But I haven’t come across this hockey team name or mark before.

Trade mark Tuesday: Jose Bautista claims ‘Joey Bats’ mark for … cereal-derived food bars?

So every week, the agencies that regulate trade marks in Canada and the United States publish a journal of all the ones that have been approved for “advertisement.” After that, interested parties can lodge their opposition, then there are some more studies and reports and blabity da.