NHL offer sheet compensation

In honour of the Nazem Kadri contract situation, here’s the cost associated with acquiring a player via offer sheet.

NHL minimum salary

Here’s a little cheat sheet if you ever need to know what the minimum compensation in the NHL is through the 2022 season.

Roger Goodell salary

The following is from the most recent tax filing (2011 tax year, filed in 2012) by the National Football League, which is actually a non-profit entity under the law — which means they have to report these kinds of things to the U.S. government.

Aaron Hernandez lawsuit

You know it’s been a bad summer when the lawsuit filed against you accusing you of shooting your friend in the face is the least of your problems.

NBA per diem

Most unions representing major professional athletes post the most recent version of collective bargaining agreements with leagues.

Gary Bettman salary

NHL players make a ton of money, and so too does the man running the league. Here is the most recent tax filing for the National Hockey League, which shows the most recent publicly available information on salary for top league brass.

NFL per diem

How does your meal allowance stack up against an NFL player’s? Chances are, pretty well. Here’s what National Football League players get as a per diem under the collective bargaining agreement.

NHL per diem

The National Hockey League’s new collective bargaining agreement has new rules for player per diems on road trips. And it’s all about the Benjamin.