NHL substance abuse program

The particulars of the NHL and NHLPA joint substance abuse program have, as far as I can tell, been confidential until very recently. Court filings associated with a lawsuit against by the league by the family of late enforcer Derek Boogaard lifted the veil this month, however. What services are available when your favourite player develops a problem with drugs or alcohol? Read away.

Why yes this is a basketball on my head thank you for noticing

So these are patented now. If novelty headwear isn’t your thing, perhaps something for your hand? Want to know when there’s a new SportsDocuments post to read? Follow at Twitter.com/sportsdocuments or on Facebook here. Recent posts: *NHL concussion documents: League protocol, NHLPA consent form *Document: NHL concussion assessment tool *Great patent or greatest patent? Behold … Read more…

NHL concussion assessment tools

So your favourite National Hockey League player suffers a concussion, and suddenly you’re inundated with talk of concussion protocols and baseline tests and quiet rooms. And you are sad, on top of all that. Well, imagine you are said player trying to come back from a brain-rattling collision. Not only do you feel pretty awful, … Read more…

Not really a news flash: Coyotes continue to lose a lot of money

It looked, for a brief shining moment, like the Phoenix Coyotes’ sad saga in the desert was nearing an end last week. Darin Pastor of Capstone Affluent Strategies submitted a bid to the NHL to purchase the Coyotes for $277.5 million and pledged the keep the team in Glendale.

What Doug Wilson can learn from Paul MacLean

Earlier this season, I was covering a game between the Ottawa Senators and Montreal Canadiens at the Bell Centre. The Senators were trailing in the third period when Ottawa defenceman Andre Benoit threw a point shot through traffic that somehow found the back of the net. Tie game, right?

Why Brandon Prust deserves a big, fat fine

Ottawa Senators coach Paul MacLean has drawn two very different comparisons to a walrus since taking over as bench boss here in the capital. When Senators fans call him “The Paulrus,” it’s a term of endearment, a nod to his signature moustachioed look. Amateur marine biologist and Montreal Canadiens forward Brandon Prust’s take Friday was … Read more…

Fun with sports documents: The NHL’s most recent tax filing

How much do Gary Bettman and Bill Daly and Colin Campbell make? How much do the league’s lawyers pull in? Why the National Hockey League a non-profit anyway? How many subsidiary companies does the league have? Find out all that and more in the NHL’s most recent filing with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service.

Will the WNBA expand to Canada one day?

Could be. Could also be that the WNBA just wants to protect its brand here, or just wants to sell basketballs with ‘WNBA’ on them (though what would a Torontonian want with an LA Sparks jersey?). The application does include the hosting of basketball games and camps in the section outlining proposed uses for the … Read more…

NHL Trade deadline primer: You’ve been dealt, now what?

Wednesday marks the National Hockey League’s trade deadline, and players everywhere will be nervously checking their smartphones to find out if they, or their buddies, have been dealt. Contrary to popular belief, professional athletes are real people, and they have to deal with some significant upheaval when said trades go down. So, imagine you’ve just … Read more…

How do you feel about the name Ottawa Red Blacks?

First of all, apologies to those who made SportsDocuments.com a big hit in the first month. The return of the National Hockey League slammed me last week, which meant a little neglect for this bad boy right here.

R.I.P. NHL CBA, Day 1: Standard club rules

With the pending ratification of the new NHL CBA this week, I’ll be posting some of the more interesting components of the 2005 agreement, which will soon be toast. Today, the club rules, wherein players are told not to smoke where people can see them.

Who owns your NHL team?

The NHL has filed a corporate disclosure statements as part of its lawsuit against the NHLPA, which shows what the companies that own your favourite teams are called.

Merry Christmas: NHL holiday travel

There were some rumblings earlier in this lockout that the NHL was considering playing games on Christmas Day. While would be a giant pain in the ass for everyone involved (and the NBA is already pretty established on Dec. 25), it could still happen whenever the league announces a new CBA. For now though, these … Read more…