Trade mark Tuesday: Who are the Las Vegas Nevadans?

The latest batch of U.S. trademarks were advertised for opposition today. Often when you see sports teams pop up here, it’s for logos that are already in use. But I haven’t come across this hockey team name or mark before.

Probably not the way you want to end your NHL career

I’m sure most NHL players exiting their prime years have a vision of how they’ll go out. Maybe it’s lifting a Stanley Cup and exiting at the top. Maybe it’s a jersey-raising ceremony, with family and friends looking on. So imagine you sit down next to your agent and he slides this across the table.

Ottawa Senators want to know what will get fans back in the building

Yesterday, I wrote a story for the Citizen about the Senators polling fans to find out what would get them to forgive and forget the whole lockout fiasco and maybe buy a ticket again (you can read the full story here). Here’s a screen capture of  the actual poll (click to view larger).

Welcome aboard

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