Now patented: Cardboard football helmet, mascot accessories, Costanza’s desk

Here, once again, is a look at some of the sports-related patents granted by the U.S. patent office over the past couple of weeks.

cardboard football helmet

Bonus points if you can assemble it before your young child starts whining at you!

Still in the headwear department, here’s a cap brim support device for mascots, which will probably make sense to you only if you are, or have been, a mascot at some point.

mascot device

Ah, finally, some sports equipment. Here is, I guess, a touring edition of a regular skateboard.

four-wheel skateboard

Here is basically George Costanza’s desk when he worked in the Yankees’ front office. “Nothing but empty calories and male curiosity, eh Georgie?

George Costanza desk

This next one really has nothing to do with sports, but I thought it looked very awesome and scary.

airbus design

Chinese company: “I RAISE.”

Helicopter blimp

Well, now we’ve gone completely off the rails, so how about this flower car?

Flower car


pet dashiki

Yeah, we’re done here.

* * * * * * *

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