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Now patented: Golf boots, scary balancing yoga board, hot dog canister

Have you ever been out on the links on a beautiful summer morn and thought, “I have a whole bag here to carry golf stuff, but what if I had some footwear on which I could hang more golf stuff?” Well, one New York inventor has you covered. Behold the Golf Boots, one of many sports-themed patents granted by the U.S. Patent Office over the past couple of weeks. I’m not sure how conducive tall boots are to a graceful swing, but hey who knows.


Do you often find yourself struggling to keep your balance while doing yoga, jerking your arms through the air in a fruitless attempt to stay upright? Why not add the terror of trying to do it on this balancy board thingy?


Wow, that seems difficult. Maybe you enjoy watching sports more than actually participating in them … perhaps while removing the football-shaped cap from your favourite beverage?


And what goes better with your favourite beverage than the summer flavour of a BBQed hotdog (or eight)?

hot dog container

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