Trade mark Tuesday: Who are the Las Vegas Nevadans?

The latest batch of U.S. trademarks were advertised for opposition today. Often when you see sports teams pop up here, it’s for logos that are already in use. But I haven’t come across this hockey team name or mark before:

Weird thing 1: The owner of the proposed mystery team is actually in Buffalo. Weird thing 2: What league could this team possibly play in? Vegas already has an ECHL team, the Las Vegas Wranglers. AHL? Weird thing 3: How does anyone still think it’s a good idea to basically name a team “The Las Vegas State Residents.”

More hockey this week. If we Canadians are being honest with ourselves, we know the U.S. Americans could roll their tanks over our border and, you know, run this town tonight. But at least Canadian beer is making gains the other way. Looks like Molson is ready to export its popular Hockey House gatherings south of the border. Okay, so Molson has actually merged with Coors already and is incorporated in the United States, but whatever shut up. CANADA!

Speaking of exporting, could Rugby ever make it big in America?

I don’t know if I’ll ever associate “Fancy Goods” with Rugby.

And finally, this has nothing to do with sports, but I imagine if Tom Haverford from Parks and Recreation ever started a real business and sought a trade mark, it would be this:

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